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Your Career at SKK Jewels

At SKK Jewels, whether you are just starting your career or simply taking the next step, we believe everyone is a leader and can make an impact. We believe in giving people responsibility early on, and a strong sense of ownership. Our business is also your business. When you grow, we also grow.

Grow your own career in SKK Jewels through limitless learning opportunities, and colleagues who encourage and support you.

1 Career Growth
Career Growth
2 Learning Development
Extended Learning Opportunities
3 Supportive Team
Supportive Working Environment

Our Core Values

Grow to Win

Grow to be the best in the gold jewelry industry


High ownership of the responsibility we carry to maintain the SKK branding as our second home


Self leadership is what you do to make it work.

Drive the Excellence

we need to be consistent and maintain our best quality product and services

Learn Innovate Continuously

as Gold Squad, you will have a lot of opportunities to learn and innovate continuously


Integrity is the fundamental value of all Gold Squad.

Focus on People

Treat consumers, customers and teams as long-term partners.

Embrace Change with Agility

To be an agile and flexible company the dynamics era.